Soup Kitchen at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 1625 Locust Street, Philadelphia

From 7:00 a.m – 9:30 a.m you can help by preparing the tables, serving soup, cutting bread and washing dishes. Everyone is welcome to come and help any Saturday morning. The outreach committee sponsors trips monthly. On those weeks parishioners make, deliver and, serve the soup – check the calendar for the scheduled dates and soup recipe. For more information or to volunteer, contact Chris Parker at 215-741-1279.

ERA Veggies and Food Pantry

Pick up an extra can of vegetables, fruit or other dry goods when you go shopping and drop them off in the church narthex. Donations benefit the ERA Food Pantry in Levittown, PA. The need is always great and every little bit helps. Peanut butter and jelly are always welcome, as is cold cereal and oatmeal. Our ERA Fresh Veggies program provides delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables to the food pantry. Donations for purchases are collected via a subscription program, starting as low as $5/month. Write your check and indicate ERA Veggies on the memo line and place it in the collection plate. During the growing season, several parishioners “grew a row” for the pantry and bring that produce to church to be delivered by our volunteer drivers. For more information or to volunteer, contact Mary Banecker at or 215-757-7558.

Clothing for Men’s Shelter

From October through April, we collect clothing for a men’s shelter in Philadelphia. All donations should be placed in the designated container in the parish hall. Suggested donations include: flannel shirts, sweaters, hats, gloves, socks, underwear, and sweatshirts with or without hoods. All donations are appreciated. For more information or to volunteer, contact Daniel Davis at 215-752-3898.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Contact information for organizations who are always looking for volunteers:

  • A Woman’s Place, 215-343-9241
  • Bucks County Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, 215-968-9400
  • Churchville Nature Center, 215-357-4005
  • ERA Food Pantry 215-547-1676
  • Interfaith Housing Development Corporation of Bucks County, 215-945-8630
  • Woods Services, 215-750-4244